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Kleinknecht Automotive GmbH has integrated execution of Rapid Prototyping code into the MCS400 calibration platforms as standard. Models to be created in MATLAB/Simulink and using the supplied @Source blockset any of the available ECU variables and parameters can be selected and connected to the strategy developed in the model.
  The Model can be built from Simulink. By simply issuing the build command, a Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM) will be generated. To the user, an RPM just looks like an ECU. RPMs are fully self-contained and freely distributable. Once deployed into the MCS400, an RPM will always run from power-up.

The Strategy contained in the RPM will be executed by the MCS400 and will interface with the target ECU(s) via CCP or other high speed debug interfaces such as RENESAS' Advanced User Debug protocols or the Infineon Tricore's specialty peripheral units and/or OCDS.