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In addition to the traditional interfaces of it's predecessor systems the new generation MCS5 now also incorporates JTAG-OCDS or AUD interfaces for ECU architectures based Infineon TriCore or RENESAS SH mircrocontrollers. These high speed interfaces are ideally suited to meet the advanced requirements for high speed data acquisition, fast in-system FLASH programming and for very low latency communication cycles.

The MCS5 combines this versatile ECU calibration interfaces with powerful data recording capabilities. Virtually any number of signals from any source can be stored into a circular buffer of up to 16 GB size at speeds of 10 MB/s.

The circular buffer can be emptied at any time - even while the recording is in progress, to allow data recordings without gaps over very long periods. Retrieval of recorded data over LAN or USB2.0 is at speeds of 300 MB/minute. Smart on-the-fly data processing allows previews of the entire recording to be uploaded in seconds. The recorder is fail-safe even in case of power loss and is auto-resuming when power returns.

Also new on board are Analog and Digital I/O ports. These resources may serve as complementary data acquisition input channels or they can be interfaced with the MATLAB/Simulink
run-time system. In a special operating mode the resources are dedicated to the new CrankAnalyzer feature.

Built around the Freescale MPC5200, the MCS5 delivers a performance of 760 MIPS, power enough to concurrently serve as a platform to run even very complex MATLAB/Simulink/RTW generated S/W modules. A comprehensive and easy-to-use Development Environment for small models (up to 20 I/Os) is supplied free of charge.

Technical Data
400 MHz / 760 MIPS Freescale MPC5200 PowerPC
on-chip double precision Floating Point Unit, 128 MB RAM
VxWorks 5.5.1 Real Time Operating System
Dimensions (mm): 110L x 75W x 22H
Temp. range: -40 to +85 °C operating
Power Supply: 4V to 60V
Power Dissipation: max. 2.9W
Status LEDs
Interfaces to Host-PC
Ethernet 10/100
USB 2.0
Network Functionality
DHCP server or fixed IP Address Support
Auto MDI / MDIX crossover
High Speed 1GB Flash Drive (optional: 16GB; 8GB linear, 4GB ring buffer, 4GB user Network drive)
Interfaces to peripherals
2 x RS-232
2 x CAN 2.0B, max. 1 Mbps
Highspeed Interface to   based ECUs
Uses the On Chip Debug Support (OCDS) protocol over JTAG or DAP pins
High throughput in regard with burst data transfers (calibration data downloads, on-chip FLASH progamming)
High bandwidth data acquisition at sub-millisecond sampling rates
Ultra low latency data exchange for bypass Rapid Prototyping
Highspeed Interface to   based ECUs
Uses the Advanced User Debug (AUD) protocol
High throughput in regard with burst data transfers (calibration data downloads)
High bandwidth data acquisition at sub-millisecond sampling rates
Ultra low latency data exchange for bypass Rapid Prototyping
Analog and Digital I/O
8 x Analog Inputs 0..5V, 12 Bits (up to 100kSps or vs. crank angle at 0.5 resolution)
8 x Digital 3.3V/5V bidirectional (up to 10MHz or vs. crank angle at 0.05 resolution)
shaft speed sensing (crank, cam, ...) by inductive pick-up or DHE
FlexRay 2.01 (Dual Channel A+B)
Ethernet 10/100 for XCP on Ethernet or Data aquisition units
CAN, CCP and XCP Functionality
ECU Calibration & data acquisition over CCP and XCP (up to 20 ECUs simultaneously)
ECU Flash programming over CCP and XCP
CAN data acquisition & bus monitoring
Entry level configurations under 4,000 Euro after discount.
Warranty period is 2 years, during which all S/W updates are free (no maintenance fees charged).
Special offer until 31-DEC-2011: trade in your old Calibration- or instrumentation tool for a 40% credit,
applies for any kind of tool, systems of our competitors included.