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The MCS400EC is a fully customizable ECU for advanced research and development, and it is capable of controlling injectors / ignitions up to 12 cylinders together with the breakthrough feature called crank analyzer.

The MCS400EC is loaded with already known features and functions of MCS400 series such as powerful DriveRecorder.
Virtually any number of signals from any source can be stored into a circular buffer of up to 16 GB size at speeds of 10 MB/s.

The circular buffer can be emptied at any time - even while the recording is in progress, to allow data recordings without gaps over very long periods. Retrieval of recorded data over LAN or USB2.0 is at speeds of 300 MB/minute. Smart on-the-fly data processing allows previews of the entire recording to be uploaded in seconds. The recorder is fail-safe even in case of power loss and is auto-resuming when power returns.
With the I/O-Interfaces an external analog and/or digital data aquisition is possible. If you use the digital-input for the crank-position you could analyze the datas by the internal crank analyzer. Or you use them to work with the Rapid Prototyping as you know it form the former MCS4/MCS400 with MATLAB/Simulink .  It is possible to get a Development Environment with up to 20 inputs/outputs free of charge.

Built around the Freescale MPC5200, the MCS5 delivers a performance of 760 MIPS (million instructions per second) . The on-chip double precision FPU and the proven, robust VxWorks 5.5 RTOS make the platform ideally suited for running
Rapid Prototyping applications concurrently with it's system tasks.
Technical Data
2 x 400 MHz Freescale MPC5200 PowerPC delivering 760 MIPS
on-chip double precision Floating Point Unit, 128 MB RAM
VxWorks 5.5 Real Time Operating System
Dimensions (mm): Depends on customized configuration
Temp. range: -40 to +85 C operating
Power Supply: 4V to 60V
Power Dissipation: Depends on customized configuration
Special enclosures, connectors and pin assignments are also customizable.
Interfaces to Host-PC
Ethernet 10/100
USB 2.0
Interfaces to peripherals
Depends on customized configuration (either CAN 2.0B, or other hispeed communication interface as follows)
Highspeed Interface to  
Uses the On Chip Debug Support (JTAG-OCDS)
Very short downloadtimes
Measure without problems of bandwidth
Rapid Prototyping without latency
Highspeed Interface to  
Uses the AUD-Interface
Very short downloadtimes
Measure without problems of bandwidth
Rapid Prototyping without latency
Fully customizable
I/O Peripherals (an example for minimum configuration)
4 x ignition drive (Max. 300mA)
8 x injection drive (Max.2.2A / 70V)
16 x 1kSps analog inputs 16bits (3.3V/5V)
8 x Analog Inputs 0..5V, 12 Bits (up to 100kSps or vs. crank angle at 0.5 resolution)
8 x Digital 3.3V/5V bidirectional (up to 10MHz or vs. crank angle at 0.05 resolution)
2 x Thermo couple
3 x Hi-Bridge DC servomotor output (Max. 7A)
8 x standard power output  (Low side,Max. 2.2A)
shaft speed sensing (crank, cam, ...) by inductive pick-up or DHE
High Speed 1GB Flash Drive (optional: 16GB; 8GB linear, 4GB ring buffer, 4GB user Network drive)
Network Functionality
DHCP server or fixed IP Address Support
Auto MDI / MDIX crossover select
CAN, CCP and XCP Functionality (when CAN interface is selected as an communication interface)
ECU Calibration & data acquisition over CCP and XCP (up to 20 ECUs simultaneously)
ECU Flash programming over CCP and XCP
CAN data acquisition & bus monitoring
CAN bus termination software selectable
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