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When Kleinknecht Automotive started it's activities in the field of automotive electronics back in 1987, ECU calibration was basically 'burn-and-learn'.
Our EPROM emulators were the answer to the problem - they changed this scenario significantly.

Our internal protocols and methods contributed to the ASAM standardization specifications of the early 1990s, when the committee adopted them as starting point for two out of the three relevant ASAM standards.

Today our systems come with unparalleled power and connectivity to support all major standards on both the vehicle  and the wired/wireless infrastructure side.
Furthermore, since then developing powertrain control strategies has become more than just calibrating maps, our systems are enabled to run Matlab/Simulink(R) Autocode modules on top of existing control strategy - across virtually any number of ECUs.

To protect your investment, our systems are of modular architecture - well prepared for migration with rising requirements.